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Le Retour de Marilyn (1984)

Parfait is a young motorcylce professional and is looking for the woman of his dreams. He runs into Marilyn who is on her way to Paris to start her career as a singer. She is not at all interested in this young macho guy, but he does not give up and ends up stealing her heart. This is an explosive and exciting meeting between MARILYN JESS and OLINKA. Together for the first time, they evolve in a maze of hellish perversity where they blend into horny creatures ready for sex obsessed libidinous followers of all forms to reach extreme pleasure. A treat … for which each spectators have reserved an enthusiastic welcome during its release on April 2, 1986 ALPHA-FRANCE movie theaters.

Starring: , Marilyn Jess, Olinka Hardiman, Rosy Stuart, Julia Verlaine, Isa Dery , Mina Houghe , Jean-Pierre Armand, Andre Kay, Gerard Gregory, Gabriel Pontello, Christoph Clark,

Alternative title: The Comeback of Marilyn, The Return of Marilyn, The Return of Marilyn Jess

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