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Orgie Extra Conjugale (1981)

Two couples have nowhere to stay in Paris; so they go to Moanie’s apartment. After making it clear that the men are to sleep in a different room to the girls; she goes off to her own room. She masturbates on the bed for a while, then takes a bath. The others don’t obey the rules and begin to get down to it. Then Stephane finds Moanie in the bath and assaults her. After a while she acquiesces. Then Jean-Louis comes in and Stephane passes her on. Again she resists at first and then acquiesces. Finally the other three join them and have a fivesome on the bed.

Kris Lara, Lise Pinson, Olivia Flores,Gil Lagard,Patrick Pontello,

Paris Nights aka Orgie extra conjugale


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