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Kendra Spade opens her front door to see an unimpressed Lexi Belle standing on her doorsteps. Lexi is her guidance counselor and is NOT pleased that Kendra missed their appointment that afternoon. Diana Grace is a trophy wife who was once contented with her lot in life but now having second thoughts. She brings these worries to a therapist, Angela White, in hopes of straightening herself out. It's just that, though her husband treats her well enough, life feels stagnant. Madison Missina and Jessie Lee Pierce, a married couple, look tense as they step into the living room together. They're on the verge of separating and have just returned home from couple's counseling. Bonding over the memory of the night they brought the pool table home, Madison tells Jessie Lee how much she means to her. They cuddle up to each other, playfully nuzzling into each other's bodies. This soon leads to a comforting kiss that gradually deepens as the flame is rekindled.