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The Ultimate Distraction (2022)
It’s Alison Rey’s first day as a barista and she accidentally pours iced coffee all over Evelyn Claire! Evelyn is stunned but also amused as Alison panics, trying to remedy the situation. Alison starts to strip Evelyn down. This gives Evelyn a mischievous idea… Although the coffee was ice cold, things become scorching hot between them… Jewelz Blu, a video game streamer, looks miserable. Her girlfriend, Charly Summer asks what’s wrong and Jewelz reveals that her streams have become more popular, but as a consequence, there are more people in the chat and it’s distracting. Her gaming performance has been going downhill. Charly suggests that Jewelz needs to train herself to be able to play during these distractions. In fact, Charly even offers to help Jewelz train by giving her ‚the ULTIMATE distraction‘. If Jewelz can concentrate through THIS, she can concentrate through ANYTHING! Alex Coal arrives at her new therapist, Dr. Alix Lynx’s office, relieved to finally be getting the help she needs. Alix insists that a lot of Alex’s insecurity and stress comes from repressing her true sexuality. As part of the therapy, she wants Alex to discover that side of her and embrace it by having sex with her! When Alix starts cupping her breasts and eating out her pussy, Alex finally has an exciting and erotic revelation

Starring: Alex Coal, Evelyn Claire, Charly Summer, Alix Lynx, Jewelz Blu, Alison Rey

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